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Barbara Borgelin “This is the Moment” (Soft-Rock / Soul) Denmark

(c) Lakisha D Skinner  | October 04, 2018

What many music lovers appreciated about the music of the 1970-1980s was the passion and real emotion that was given to the song by the artists in those decades.  When we heard a sad ballad, we also heard chocked-up vocals and sniffs from the singer; a song of joy also had laughs included in the adlibs; and, love songs included sighs and deep breaths.  In other words, the singer would sing their song but also impart life into the compositions.  We saw this with Barbra Streisand, Liza Minnelli, and Diana Ross – female artists who embraced the frailty of a song, or the power of a song, and tempered it with so much emotion that it drove right into our hearts and took up residence.  

Today, we rarely get this magic mojo in the music from the females topping the charts, so I was overly excited when I was introduced to Barbara Borgelin. 

Growing up in a home full of music in Denmark, with a father who was a wonderful Jazz musician, Borgelin has music at her roots and in her core.  Being influenced by The Beatles, Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and the late Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin, as a singer-songwriter, Borgelin has a cache of music to which she has created that is overflowing with elements of Jazz, Pop, Rock, and Soul.  In addition, she has worked with many musicians and songwriters, so her latest single “This is the Moment” is worth the wait, or shall I say it is worth its “weight” in gold.  

“This is the Moment” is a mid-tempo pensive ballad sung from the viewpoint of a woman in love – a woman who is willing to take a lifetime to solve the “mystery” of love if her lover is by her side.  The illustrative lyrics depict true love:  this is the moment I’ve been waiting for / oh, my darling, this is only the start / I will never let you out of my heart / this is the moment that belongs to you and me / I’m overwhelmed by your love each time we touch / and it’s a mystery how I can love you more and more / you are the reason I love to live / this is the moment everyone dreams of / this moment is so filled with our love.

Featuring minimal instrumentation to highlight the artist’s pure vocals, which is a great production technique, this Soft Rock-Soul ballad also includes soft backing vocals and spicy adlibs.  The classic treatment and execution of the cut is superb, moreover, the modern command to the beat gives that element of Pop that is enjoyed in today’s Top 40 music.  But, the star of this track is Borgelin’s vocals – they take center stage! 

We hear the breaths, the vocal quivers, and the whispers – it is all here readers.  Borgelin treats the fragile lyrics justly with vocals that are powerful, resonant, and effortless.  Her natural phrasing and elegant delivery are mature, rich, and sweet – so much so, it pulls you in and keeps you there. 

What a well-written, wonderfully produced song.  And while all vocals are Borgelin, a special shout-out goes to: Henrik Trolle (Bass), Johnny BC (Drums/Producer/Arrangement), Ulrik Lindgren (Piano), and Jakob Goldmann Jensen (Acoustic / Lead Guitars). 

It is refreshing to hear a woman today express her love and femininity without guilt or reluctance.  And even more, this track gives evidence to how people want to hear songs about passion, love, and trust even more than songs about sex, lust, and fleeting moments of trivial pursuits.  “This is the Moment” also shows how love is still out there, that people falling in love still exist, and that this pure emotion is not just in story books or fairytales.  

Lovers?  let’s vow to make NOW our moment!  Please get your hands on this track by going HERE!


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