I am a Danish singer songwriter with a great passion for music and poetry.

All my life since childhood I have been singing, composing and writing songs. Allready as a little child I chose to spend most of my time in this beautiful world, playing the guitar, singing and making up my own songs, and when I got a bigger child I started to perform in concerts with my own songs arranged for a choir, solo and on the radio.  All my friendships have been about music somehow.  I love the way you can communicate by playing music. And the special energy you feel with the audience. So as an adult it was only natural to study music at the university and this way I found another way of approaching and analysing songs. Good melodies and poetry has always attracted me and colors the day whatever I am doing.

To me music, love and friendship goes hand in hand. I believe you can feel the good vibes in my music coming from the warm people playing it and the way it was carefully produced.  I like to combine traditional instruments with modern sounds. Music is what feeling sounds like and what the spoken language can’t express.

It’s a great pleasure to hear from listeners and playlisters that they enjoy my songs – as much I loved to  write and record them. Sometimes a certain song can be really special to a person because it reminds them of a certain period in their life or it gives them a special feeling. It’s a nice feed back to get for me as a songwriter which I really appreciate. Maybe you would like to  listen here and find out if they fit your taste and your playlist. My music has been released on most music services worldwide and has been mastered to high quality so please enjoy on your favourite music service.

Catchy melodies come flying to me in a natural way, and I hear them in my head with beautiful sounds. I used to write them all down. But now after getting the opportunity to be able to record them immidiately in my studio, it sometimes happens that I record them directly and skip the paper. In a way that feels just as natural as when I was a child and composed while recording on my tape recorder. Composing is a proces in constantly change, just like the songs. Music is such a big part of my life, and I’ld be happy to share that world with you!

Are you a hopeless romantic? Or do you think that love has its torns and ups and downs?  Or are you trying to avoid love, thinking it’s a trap? Over the years I have written so many different songs with so many aspects of love, and I still have so many to record.  You will find my lyrics in the menu to all the songs I released so far (More to come!).

I have lots of new releases coming up – if you want to hear more follow me on Spotify  for instance – I also like to interact about music with listeners on socials such as Instagram –  FB –  Twitter  , YouTube SoundCloud , TikTok and  ReverbNation , so maybe we will catch up there! 

Music is what feelings sound like! Thank you for listening  (:


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