• Relased July 23 2021
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In The Heat is a song about suffering from burning love for a person who has turned cold and has deserted you for irrational reasons and no options to make up – A song about ignoring the meaning of life after having lost your partner in life – For when love is lost it’s so easy to feel alone and in the dark – shutting out happiness, hardly being able to listening to the one true friend who might be trying to cheer you up. Meanwhile the world goes on and other people need you in their lives. I wrote the lyrics as a teenager at the age of 15 so in a way it’s also a meeting with my own soul and my own beliefs as young. The music was written and recorded today as I thought the lyrics had a positive message which is much needed today when so many people live with solitude and distance, and so many individuals are searching for a higher purpose with life – and true love. Love will leave you in the heat one way or the other.


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