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You’re sad you’ll have to go away
But don’t worry, I’ll check that you’re okay
I won’t ever forget you – Though it hurts I won’t try to
You’ll be in my heart!
Just as long as the memory of you will stay

‘Cause it is written in the stars
And on the bottom of our hearts
Don’t know where and when
But we’ll have to meet again

Don’t think that we’ll just meet to part
I don’t wanna think that God can be so hard
Say you won’t lose this feeling
though your wound will be heeling
You will get my love
Things will change in the future and our life will start

‘Cause it is written in the stars…

Your love for me has made me strong
So I’ll keep it inside where you belong
I refuse to start crying – A part of you would be dying
Never say goodbye!
Let us dream ‘till we meet that way it won’t feel long

‘Cause it it written in the stars…

Lyrics and music and all rights: Barbara Borgelin


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