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I hate to see other people suffer
But a worm like that should never have pity at all
I don’t believe it doesn’t hurt to discover
That the one you loved helped to make you fall

She had it coming after all these years
She has it coming, so no more tears for you
Let her taste her own poison
Well too bad – how sad, she had it coming and she’s through

I’ld like to wish her suffering would be quick
I’ld like to cast all my hatred away
But the thought of her just makes me really sick
‘cause no one like her could make you crawl and obey

She had it coming…

God I wish I could believe in what I’m saying
I know too well that her lies are persuasive
Don’t look into her Medusa-eyes, you’ll get weak when she cries
Then she’ll claim you back – but don’t fall for that

She had it coming…

Lyrics and music and all rights: Barbara Borgelin



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